How, When, Why: Servicing Your Central Air System

Dated: November 28 2020

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Central air conditioning is an essential system in every house. It works by collecting the heat available inside the home and moving it outside; resulting in a cool and comfortable temperature inside. But like any other device, your central air system also needs regular service to run efficiently. 


Keeping your central air system in a maintained condition not only saves you a few bucks on electricity bills, but also extends the lifespan of your air conditioning. So to get the best out of your central air conditioning (central A/C), you need to maintain it properly. 


In this post, you will find information on how, when and why you should service your central air system. So let’s get started: 

How to Service Your Central Air System


  • Change the Fin & Filter


Dirty filters and fins can lower the efficiency of your air conditioning system. This is why it is essential to clean them regularly to keep your system up and running smoothly.


  • Keep the Condenser & Compressor Obstruction-Free


The condenser and compressor of a central air system are generally located outside the house. They work well when situated in a clear and bright place up to 24 inches in all directions. So, trim the hanging branches, leaves, and nearby shrubs regularly to ensure they are in direct contact with the outside air. 


  • Take the Help of a Professional


If you don’t have time to maintain your AC system on your own, it is recommended to take the help of a professional. Hire an expert and let him check the whole system to ensure it is running at peak efficiency. 

When to Service Your Central Air System


No matter what kind of air conditioning you have in your home, it should be inspected and serviced at least once a year. However, any time is better when it comes to service, but early maintenance can prevent several small issues from turning into expensive repairs later on. So the ideal time to schedule your central air system maintenance service is – early spring. 

Why Service Your Central Air System


Just as your vehicle needs regular maintenance to run correctly and smoothly, your air conditioning also needs proper care. Here are some reasons why central air system service is vital. 


  • Helps you in enhancing energy efficiency

  • Minimizes your cooling bills

  • Can help you in saving some dollars in repair 

  • Prevents small issues from getting serious and more costly

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance extends the life of your AC system 

Final Words 


Hopefully, this post will help you in understanding why, when and how to service your central air system. Before you begin the service, do not forget to turn off the power to ensure your safety. 

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