5 Places You Will Find Dust In Your Home

Dated: 01/07/2020

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For people with allergies and asthma, dust is way more than a mere inconvenience. Finding dirt in your home is no fun, and often is the case, that no matter how much time you invest in cleaning, it keeps coming back.

Dust is made up of multiple particles such as dead skin cells, fibers from paper & clothing, and plant pollen. These dust particles around the home can make you sick if not cleaned properly. That’s why dusting is a crucial household cleaning chore.

Even if you dust regularly, there are certain areas in your home that you might have been skipping. Fortunately, in this post, we have listed some frequently missed areas where germs and dirt tend to lurk. Continue reading the post to know those hidden corners and get ready to keep your home free of dust.

1. Clothes

If we talk about places in the home that accumulate dust quickly, you cannot avoid your closet. The clothes in the closet can collect dust particles easily and produce some of their own as they discharge minuscule fibers. If you don’t want to accumulate dust on your clothes, it is suggested to keep seldom-worn and out-of-season clothes in plastic hanging and tote bags. Also, do the dusting of your closet every week to keep is free of dust. 

2. Bed Headboard

Your bed headboard is the most overlooked place when it comes to dusting. The surface of your bed headboard gathers dust or debris from the air. To lower buildup of dust in this area, be sure to dust properly. In addition, your pillows, bedsheets, and mattresses collect dust in the form of dead skin cells. That’s why you need to make sure to clean your bed sheets and pillowcases every week for healthy living. 

3. Fan Blades 

Another place where you can find dust is - your fan blades. Keeping your fan blades clean and dust-free is essential. Not only does it ensure a long life for your fan, but it also makes the air is safer and cleaner for the family. Keeping your dusty ceiling fans clean can be a daunting job. 

When it comes to cleaning dirty fan blades, remember, safety should be your first concern. Whenever you work on your fan, ensure the electricity is switched off and cover your mouth & nose properly. You can use a duster with a long handle to dust your fan on a high ceiling or a ladder with a pillow case. 

4. Blinds & Curtains

Blinds, curtains, or window sills can be the dustiest surface in your home. Based on what type of curtains you have, you need to clean them regularly. To clean dust, take a slightly damped microfiber cleaning cloth and run it over your blinds. You can use a dusting wand or mitt to make the blind cleaning even more accessible. If you don’t want to do it on your own, you should consider contacting a nearby home cleaning service provider and let them do the blind cleaning job on your end. 

5. Lamp Shades

Many people slip the dusting of lamp shades through the cracks during routine home cleaning. And many don’t even notice the dust until it starts sprinkling down through the air inside your home. Your lampshades need to be cleaned as they have a higher tendency to accumulate unsightly dirt. 

The cleaning of your lamps is not as difficult as you might be thinking. There are many gadgets on the market that can make the dusting job way more manageable for you. For instance, a lint roller - get one for your home to make lamp cleaning easy.

It’s nearly impossible to have a dust-free space. However, with a little effort and mindfulness, you can substantially lower the amount of dust around the home with the tips above. Happy cleaning!

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