Servicing Your Heating System

Dated: 10/14/2019

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How/When/Why: Servicing Your Heating System


Your heating system at home is something that requires regular maintenance and servicing to make sure everything is running safely and efficiently. The last thing you would want is for your heating system to break down, especially during winters. Similar to treating any other mechanical equipment in your house, taking care of your heating system will reduce the risk of major damage, increase its life, and will keep you warm throughout the winter. 


In this post, we’ll learn how, when, and why to service your heating system at home.


How to Service your Heating System


Step 1: Look after the heat pump 


It is crucial to make sure that the heat pump works effectively. You can take the following measures to maintain the heat pump:


  • Check that the airflow is unhampered and the return air is not blocked.

  • Look for dirt and debris in the outdoor coil and clean it regularly.

  • Clean and maintain the environment surrounding your heat pump so that dirt and debris such as leaves do not enter the heat pump and affects its efficiency. 


Step 2: Clean and replace the filters


The air filters inside your heating system should be cleaned and replaced once every month. Replacing filters not only improves the quality of air but also protects members suffering from allergies. 


Step 3: Clean the ducts



If your house is prone to animal dander, smoking, or has visible mold growth, then you should go for professional duct cleaning services to prevent your house from any damage. 


Step 4: Hire a professional


Lastly, hiring a professional to check and repair your heating unit is the best way to ensure that your heating system is functionally ideal and safe to use. You can call the technician during peak periods of use and ask him to inspect all elements of the heating system, including coils, ducts, filters, etc. 


When You Should Service Your Heating System 


The best way to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency of the heating unit is with yearly maintenance. You should schedule the service every fall before you turn on your heating system. Regular maintenance is a good investment and will keep your heating system well-maintained. 


Why You Should Service Your Heating System 


Here are a few reasons why you should get your heating system checked and serviced at least once a year. 


  • Regular servicing ensures safety of the heating unit and prevents bigger issues, especially during the winter season. 

  • Annual cleaning of the heating system also makes contaminants, dirt, debris, and allergens stay away from the indoor environment.  

  • Proper maintenance is essential for efficient operation. Also, the energy consumption of a well-maintained heating system is 15% less than the severely neglected one. 

  • By servicing your heating system, you can also detect leaks, which may otherwise go unnoticed for several months. 

Undoubtedly, annual servicing of the heating system is something you should take seriously. Whether you want to improve efficiency, save money, prevent a mid-season breakdown, or protect your family, yearly maintenance of your heating system will help you to achieve all your goals and ensure complete satisfaction. 

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