Top 7 Organizing Tips for Bedrooms

Dated: September 24 2020

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You spend most of your time in the bedroom, so it is very crucial to keep it organized. Proper organization will not only give your bedroom a complete makeover but will also make things easily accessible. Here are some tips that you should follow to make your bedroom space neat and tidy. 


1. Use Space Under your Bed


Storing things under your bed is a great idea as everything is easily accessible and at the same time, nothing's visible. You can choose to store items like linens, books, or gift wraps under the bed. You can also transfer items from your dresser into a rolling storage cart and place them under your bed to free up some space.


2. Make Use of Headboard Space


In the headboard space, you can incorporate shelves for lamps, books or your favorite framed pictures. You can either purchase a headboard with shelves or make your own using pallets or old drawers. 


3. Tidy up your Closet


Your closet needs to be cleaned and organized to maintain the serene state of your bedroom. You can set up your closet by getting rid of things that you haven’t worn for a long time and then organizing other clothing items accordingly. Decluttering your closet will make room for clothes, accessories, and shoes that you wear regularly. 


4. Place Artwork on Walls


Avoid putting artwork on your vanity, dresser or nightstand, especially if you have a small bedroom. Try to keep these spaces clear and put artwork on the wall to give your bedroom a more aligned look. 


5. Keep a Coat Rack for Additional Hanging Space


If you require more hanging space, or just want to keep winter wear such as jackets or coats in the bedroom, an industrial coat rack is a practical and chic choice to add extra space to your bedroom. 


6. Design a Shoe Storage Area


You can design a shoe storage area to make the best use of a particular space. Use cubbies or shelves to place your shoes. Also, if you have boots and you are running out of space, you can hang them on pant hangers.  


Customizing your shoe storage area is a great idea, but having a footwear cabinet is also a smart alternative option to keep your shoes. 


7. Place a Trash Can 


You need to have a trash can to keep your bedroom clean. A trash can should be placed in an easy-to-reach area like near your nightstand to throw scraps of paper, tissues, receipts, etc. Placing a trash bin in your room will help you to keep your bedside table, dresser, and other surfaces clear and clean. 


Whether you have five minutes or an hour, these few simple fixes can transform your bedroom into a relaxing and organized getaway.

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