Top Reasons to List Your Home on the South Shore

Dated: January 2 2021

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Perhaps no other location is more revered by Massachusetts residents than Boston’s South Shore. Since the first visitor disembarked from the Mayflower in 1620, the South Shore has become home to Boston residents from all walks of life. Spanning between Boston proper and the beginning of scenic Cape Cod, the South Shore is a popular place for homeowners and real estate investors to enjoy a huge return on their property investments.

If you are thinking about selling your home, let’s look at the top reasons to list your home on the South Shore.

High Demand for South Shore Housing

Outside of getting fair value for your home, you also want to sell it quickly. Properties located on the South Shore of Boston sell quickly because of the following reasons.

  • New England charm

  • Coastal living environment

  • Convenient commute to downtown Boston

  • Highly rated public school system

  • Landmark cultural attractions

Many professionals that work in downtown Boston look at the South Shore as the first area to search for a new house. The highly-rated public school district attracts young parents that want to settle down for decades in a new home. Quintessential New England charm combines with scenic coastal vistas to make the South Shore of Boston one of the most popular neighborhoods throughout the region.

The high demand for South Shore housing should help your listed home come off the market relatively quickly. Besides, 2020 has ushered in a few additional factors that have ramped up demand for housing in many markets. If you have considered listing your South Shore home for quite some time, the time is now to take advantage of high housing demand.

Buyers Have an Incredible Financial Incentive

As a South Shore homeowner, you want to list your property when buyers have a financial incentive to purchase homes. Now is as good as it gets for home buyers that benefit from affordable financing terms. Mortgage rates are at the lowest level since records started tracking mortgage interest rates. How long the record low mortgage rates remain in place is not easy to predict. More favorable borrowing costs translate into more potential buyers of your South Shore house.

Supply and Demand is in Your Favor

It is not just high demand that is in your favor. With a low inventory of homes on the market, South Shore homeowners have the perfect opportunity to list homes that run higher than average in price. Single-family homes have increased in value across the country, but that is especially true along the South Shore of Boston.

Competition Diminishes in Fall

Selling a home during spring and summer is more difficult because more homeowners list properties. Things begin to change after Labor Day when the focus shifts back to work and school. Listing your home in fall attracts serious buyers that have spent several months researching the properties listed along the South Shore of Boston. Most potential home buyers have a clear idea about where to look for a new home. South Shore home sellers that list in fall have a better chance of turning a listed property into a prompt home sale.

South Shore Homes Have Curb Appeal

First impressions matter when it comes to listing your home. After performing research, most home buyers drive by to look at how homeowners take care of their properties. Perhaps no other area of Boston delivers more curb appeal than the South Shore. Your neighborhood exudes the type of New England charm that few other Boston neighborhoods match. Visually appealing curb appeal gives your South Shore home the advantage when it comes to listing it for sale.

Working with a Boston realtor that has experience listing South Shore homes should expedite the home selling process. Have a question about listing your home, please contact us today at the Depend on Dakota team.

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